“The Secret Of Quasar Boarding”- Chapter 2


We assembled into our groups on the field.  It was hot, even for a June day.  I took off the dress coat I was wearing and stood there in my white shirt and uniform pants.


“Today’s test is on defeating Reflect.  Your group can use two attacks- on two targets out there.” 


Instructor Miaka pointed to ten groups of targets set up.  Each had a small ring on their finger.


“As a reward, if you manage to defeat your opponent, you will receive that many Reflect Rings, generously donated by the head of Biolife, Mr. Vienar.  He has chosen to look in on this class today, because you are the best of the best.  We have high expectations of you.  First up is Flare.”


Flare walked up to the line and focused upon his targets, after showing off his muscles and began to draw his arm back.


“Get down.  He’s going to hurt himself rather badly in a few seconds,” I whispered to Blazer and Cube.


His hand went back, his eyes flashed.  He whisked his hand forward and made a punching motion at the dummy.


“FLARE!” he shouted. 


The effective spell hit its target- the explosions, the energy collecting and leaving the target, and then something happened.  The target gave off a sound like a wind chime hitting a wall, and a greenish wall flashed quickly.  We knew Flare had been expecting his tech to break through the barrier, but it had caught, contained, and redirected the energy- and would had killed Flare if the instructor hadn’t shoved another dummy in front of him. 


The dummy exploded, leaving little traces of itself as the sawdust drifted down.


“Flare, you failed this assignment.  If not for another target in your way, you would have been killed.  Go back to the classroom and study up on everything you’ve learned.  You’ll get a thousand-question test in an hour.”


Flare looked like he was ready to kill someone or something.  His veins bulged out, his mouth didn’t work, and he looked to everyone for a repeal.


No one budged a step.


Flare walked off towards the room, swearing loudly with each step.


Instructor Miaka sighed and pointed at my group.


“Red, Cube, Blazer- you’re up.”


We walked up to the line, and stared down at our opponents- the dummies at the end of the field.  Each had a golden glint around their finger- they had even emphasized it using dark colors for the dummies. 


“You ready, Blazer?  Are you absolutely sure that you want to do this?”


Blazer thought for a second.  “Go ahead, Red.  Give it your best shot.”


“All right….” 


I pulled my hands behind my back, charging up with power.  After a certain level was reached, I flung them out in front of me, fully extending them and motioning at Blazer.


“CRIMSON CANNON!” I shouted.


A bolt of red energy leapt forth from my hands and at Blazer.  She raised her hands to protect herself, just as Instructor Miaka ran up, her hand glowing with blue energy.


The power slammed into her- and stopped at about a foot from her.  It rebounded off the Reflect field with the same sound as before, only it went speeding off towards the dummy on the left.


“Come on, come on…” I muttered, anxious.


The blast hit the dummy- and then the entire thing exploded, leaving a shiny object upon a pile of ashes.  I turned to Instructor Miaka.


“Theory of Reflectivity, Instructor.  ‘Once a Mindforce technique has been affected with Reflect, it will not be affected by any other forms of Reflect.  Page 167.”


Cube fired off a North Wind, and the same thing happened.  The energy rebounded off of Blazer and nailed the dummy at the other end of the field. 


The instructor shook her head in disbelief.  “Amazing.  You read it perfectly.  And you incorporated book work with a real-life scenario.  You all pass.”


An aide had scurried out to the two destroyed dummies and procured the rings off of them.  He then brought them back to Instructor Miaka, who took them off his hand.


“Congratulations, you three.  Not only do you get out of this weekend’s homework, but free Reflect Rings for your group.  Choose the recipients well.”


I reached out and took one of the rings from her.  Cube did the same thing moments after.  We placed them on our fingers and let out a whoop of joy. 


“Actually, you three get to take the rest of the school day off.  Go and relax, I’ll see you on Monday.”


We all bowed to her, trying to signal respect.  “Thank you, Instructor.”


She smiled.  “Now get outta here before I make you do the test.”



We had went back to the chow hall to relax- the café was open, and some students were already there- until the tardy creature hauled them off to the detention block.  It attempted to haul us away, too, until it noticed the Reflect Rings upon our fingers.  Then, it backed away from us.  From my view, it seemed almost… scared… of the rings.  But I shook my head and put the thought from my mind.  Big deal.  Who didn’t want to make the tardy creature afraid of them?


“So, Red, Blazer, how does it feel to know we finally beat Flare at his own game?”


Cube was smiling, obviously enjoying himself.  Blazer chuckled a bit, then leaned forward.


“I hate to admit it, but it actually feels good to be out from under his shadow.  Not to mention the fact he’s not constantly hauling me somewhere.  Not to mention that other commitment I have now.”  She smiled- my heart melted, and one could almost hear the connections in my brain starting to fail.


“Wha-what did you mean?”  I stammered.  ‘Nice going, jackass.  What are you going to do to turn her off of you next, drool all over your uniform?’  I thought to myself.  


She laughed.  “Jason, you were too busy paying attention to my ‘uniform’ then my voice again, weren’t you?”


I immediately blushed, turning a deep crimson that would inspire awe in any chameleon. 

‘Son of a goddamn bitch.  How did she know?’


“Don’t worry about it.  Speaking of which, the commitment I was going to talk about- the dorm party on Saturday night- I’m going with you.  Flare might be there, but if he tries anything, he’ll get hauled to detention so fast he’ll think he was never at the party in the first place.”


My heart stopped, my face froze into a dumb smile, and I slumped forward in my chair, my forehead hitting the table with a loud whack.  That brought me out of it, along with giving me a nice big bump on my forehead.  Cube and Blazer had both long since fallen out of their chairs, laughing.


“Gosh, Red, don’t you ever relax?  You don’t have to act like it’s the first time a girl’s ever asked you out to a party before!”  Cube reached over to the machine in the table, and flipped it on. 


“One Soda del Sol, one Zora’s Fountain, and one- hey, Red, what do you want?”


I thought for a second.  “Green Squall.  My usual.”


“-and one Green Squall.”


The machine squawked to life with a reply from the kitchen.


“Do you want fries with that?”


Cube turned the microphone back on.  “No, no fries. Just what we ordered, please.”


“Fine. Please insert $8.29 into the money reception unit.  No slugs, please, or we make you work it off.”


I reached for my wallet, but Blazer stopped me.  “No, let me get it.  I owe you a lot for getting me away from Flare.”


“Fine,” I said.  “But I’m picking up dinner tonight.  If you care to dine with me?”


Cube shook his head.  “I hate to put a crimp in your plans, Red, but we meet tonight to play World of Imagination, remember?  Or are we going to have to find ourselves a new Sonic?”


“Dang!   Forgot about that.  Sorry, Blazer.  Or would you be willing to go for dinner after I get done?”


“Sure- the new place downtown, over in Shroudia City.  Will you be done by 10:30?”


“Of course.  Which reminds me, Cube- what scenario are we playing tonight?”


“We just started.  We’re at the plant battle in Aaron City- remember?”


“Oh, yeah.  Sorry.”


The drinks arrived, and we were silent for a minute or so, being somewhat intent on quenching our thirst.


Blazer stood and stretched.  “Well, I hate to break up our little party, but I happen to have a morale club meeting in fifteen minutes.  So…. I’ll see you tonight, then?”  she asked.


“Of course.  The new place, downtown.  I won’t forget.”


“All right then, see you.”  She smiled, got up, and left.  I immediately turned to Cube, a phrase on my lips.


“I told you so.”


“I hate to admit it, Red, but you were right.  It took a bit of doing, but you were right.”


“So…..  you want to get to the game early, or by the skin of our teeth?”


“Let’s go now.  We have that new guy coming in-  what’s his name….”


“Keith. I met him in that class on how to blend in with society.”


“Thanks.   We have to help him get ready for his big entrance into the game.”


We set our now-empty glasses down on the table, got up, and started walking towards the dorms.


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