Back to the Past - A Chrono Trigger Medieval Story

Prologue - The Kidnapping
By Lurian

          601 AD

          The wind blew chilly against the battlements of Guardia Castle. The Mystic shivered and looked around, nervous. Of course, there was no reason to worry, he told himself. It was late and everybody in Guardia Castle should be asleep by now. Besides, his disguise was perfect. He had worked very hard on it for the past few months.

          Three months ago he had joined Guardia's army under a false name. He had told everybody that he was from Porre, a distant city. This way, nobody wondered why he seemed to have no family or friends around Truce. He had spent these three months busy with the novice soldier's standard tasks, which consisted mostly in standing guard in the castle and taking fighting classes. Not that he needed any fighting classes, but when you've just joined the army, you're not suppose to be a master swordsman.  Unless you're a Mystic agent working undercover.

          Two weeks ago he had volunteered for the most unpopular task that could ever be assigned to a soldier: the night watch. For that the other soldiers were very grateful, and he had even become a little popular among his fellows. Whenever they asked him the reason why he had volunteered for such a loathed job, he said that he couldn't sleep very well at night.  That was partially true, for many Mystics were not too comfortable with the bright light of the sun, being blinded by it, and so they prefered to sleep during day hours. Not every Mystic had this problem with sunlight, and those who did generally lurked in dark places, as caves and such. Though the sun didn't bother him much, he thought that it was better to stay on the safe side and avoid it as much as he could.

          "The humans are right, this is indeed a boresome job", he thought to himself. Nobody would be around at those late hours, and there was absolutely nothing to do. Most of the humans who were assigned to this job felt tempted to fall asleep, and ended up getting caught and suffering the consequences for their lack of attention. Nothing different or interesting would ever happen during the night watch.  But tonight it would be different. Tonight, his routine would go through a drastic change, and he couldn't make a mistake. Yes, he had good reasons to be nervous.

          Taking a deep breath to calm himself down, he began to walk as casually as possible towards the door. Carefully, he espied first to see if by any ill-chance there was someone still awake at those late hours. There wasn't, and that was good. The Knight Captain was very severe with people who tried to shirk their duties. One of his fellow soldiers who was caught off his post had been sent to prison for a whole week This was the sort of thing that could ruin his plan. He continued to walk as silently as possible, crossing rooms, walking down stairs, doing his best to merge with the shadows. It certainly was his lucky night, he thought as he reached his goal, the empty throne room of the castle. He had encountered only another soldier, and fortunately the guy was so sleepy that he barely recognized him.

"You're late!" He jumped at the sound of the irritating voice that squealed behind him. The Mystic turned around, ready to fight, a hostile look in his face.

"Hey, take it easy! It's me!" The look on his face grew less hostile, but it was still not friendly at all. Standing before him was a young girl, dressed like one of the maids of the castle. In her hands she had a huge sack with the word POTATOES written on it.  Only that there were currently no potatoes in the empty sack.

"If I didn't need you so much to carry out the plan, I would kill you right here and now." He growled.

            "And if I didn't know you better, I would say that you're just a little bit nervous..." She teased him. "Let's get our mission over with, so that you can relax."

They knew exactly where they had to go and what they had to do. They simply had to  knock at a door. It was the door to a very important person's bedroom. When the door opened, they took advantage of  their victim's sleepiness to cast a spell that would keep anyone asleep for hours, no matter what happened around. And in what seemed like two seconds, the sack wasn't empty any more. Neither was it filled with potatoes.

"Now I'll take this down to the kitchen." The girl said and at the same time a glowing light encircled her body. Her form slowly began to change, and it kept changing until her appearance was an exact copy of that of her fellow soldier.

"Go, and be careful not to be seem. People would find it weird to see a soldier carrying a sack of potatoes around Guardia Castle". He said, his form beginning to change as well, until he looked exactly like the unconscious person in the sack.

"Don't worry. And even if someone sees me, so what?  Tomorrow I'll be far away from this place."

            "Not so fast, stupid! First you'll have to talk to the Cook and the Knight Captain. Tell them that your grandmother is sick, probably going to die, or something like that. It won't be good for us if a soldier and a maid disappear like that from Guardia Castle. People might get suspicious."

"They'll probably think we ran away together." The soldier chuckled, and left the room, dragging the sack.

When he was alone, the Mystic sighed heavily. So far, so good. But it was not over yet. A few hours before, just after sunset, a supply caravan from Dorino had arrived at the castle. It's cargo had been unloaded, and the men were spending that night in the castle, resting. All too well and normal. But he knew that this was not an ordinary caravan, and those were not ordinary men. The caravan had been attacked just before it arrived at Truce, and the original crew had been replaced by Mystics. Tomorrow, they would leave with a very different cargo. He smiled to himself, focusing now on the task ahead. The victory of the Mystics now depended only on his acting skills. He had spent the last three months studying his victim's routine, personality, tastes and all those other little peculiarities that made a person unique. No, he wasn't going to fail. Soon he would have his revenge on the human race. And if he was lucky, he would have his revenge on a few specific human beings. And with these pleasant thoughts in mind, he fell asleep.  The last sound he heard was the voice of the time keeper of the castle.

"Two o'clock and all is well."


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