Chrono Continuum
Story Notes
by Cain

Well, it's done... kind of. There's more to come, but I'll get to that in a moment. Right now, I'm just amazed that I managed to go through a hundred chapters. Impressive, eh? Okay, hold your applause. It did take me about two or three years, after all.

Okay, I'd like to thank a few people. In non-alphabetical, non-chronological, nonsensical order, here they are:

Nightsong. Okay, so most of you readers haven't seen anything of his so far except "Split Infinity," and Night himself would rather forget that. However, he is a talented author, a nice guy, a great person to bounce your ideas off of. Oh, and he's really helpful. He's also a writer in the World of Imagination, in which I, Nanaki, and MoxJet are also writing. I'll get back to that later. Nightsong is also the host... um, owner... whatever, of the "Fantasy Finale Arts Association," which is pretty much composed of a bunch of amateur authors (me, Night, Mox, Sonic Blade, Jayson, LynxFire, and a few others). It started out as an IS after the sad passing of CTIS, and has branched out since.  He's also the leader of the Storm Knights' Guild, but that's kind of small thus far.

The World of Imagination. For those of you who are "out of the loop," the World of Imagination is primarily based on the universe created by Nanaki in his fanfics (The Origin of Mt. Woe), added to by Mox and Night (Mox helped with Chaos theories and the LEA, and Night added Eternals and the Sol Dominion). I am the newest addition, and have already come up with such revolutionary ideas as Order theories (which Night actually improved upon) and the Mystician Empire. This is, quite frankly, just a kick-ass idea, and I hope we can write up some stuff to really impress you. If you want to read some of our kick-ass stuff, I suggest you go to .

Mox Jet. Okay, I've known Mox longer than I've known Night, but I just felt that, going in non-alphabetical, non-chronological order, Mox should go after Night. (Actually, I'm just doing this to piss him off. You're third on the list, Mox!) Mox Jet is a great guy with a good story (check out the Planeswalkers). He's also a member of the World of Imagination (see above), and is probably the Fonzie of the Fantasy Finale Arts Association. He-e-e-ey!

Sonic Blade. No, you haven't read anything of his, most likely, unless you read that one SaGa Frontier poem of his. However, not only is he a great guy with an endless capacity for humor, he's also the most prolific writer on the Fantasy Finale Arts Forum, not to mention the "Whiz of Cheez" and the unfortunate creator of the CheezBorgs. Personally, I'm just glad he stopped calling himself "Aerith's Man."

Nanaki. Okay, if you don't know who this guy is, you deserve to be dragged out into a back alley and shot. He's a damn good author, and a damn fine guy, considering that he let us base our damn World of Imagination on his universe. He's also a damn lot of other damn stuff, but I don't feel like writing all damn day just to tell you. He's also the best MS(F?)T3K writer on this page. Read his stuff!

TechnoProphet. For being the only "Max" I know.

LynxFire. Okay, he didn't really do anything for my story. I don't think he's even read any of it. (Sonic Blade tried, but got a headache after my notes on time. Did that happen to you, too?) However, he was the first to give me a nickname which I now officially deserve: THE MAN!

Jayson. Ummm... He's a nice guy, and he created the first IS I was on that really went anywhere: Crystal Quest. Way to go, Jay.

Irish Red. No, not the beer. I'm talking about the host of the now-defunct CTIS. Nice guy, although the women just can't seem to keep their hands off him. Poor bastard.

Artemi. He's not really done anything for me at all, but he's cool, so I'll mention him. Don't ask me how to pronounce his name, though.

Icy Brian. For letting me post on his page. I'm not always easy to get along with (ask Minmei), but he put up with me. Kudos for him.

Jerm. Another great author on this page. JERM ROXXOR JOO!!11

Krazy Sam. For making me change the name of my story from "The Next Generation" by calling her story that. But definitely not for that whole "Queen Quatre" thing....

ZealPropht. For her kick-ass story about Magus.

Wethreem and Geddicus. Alright, these are the names of two people who e-mailed me, saying they liked Chrono Continuum. So, I stole their names as repayment. They didn't seem to mind.

Chris. I don't remember his last name anymore. However, he (yes, he) is the basis for Christina, a.k.a. Hotwire. The reason Christina called herself Hotwire (for those of you wondering why I added a pointless nick-name) is because that was Chris' screen name. We were buds for a while, so I thought it would be a neat thing to do. Of course, he didn't care about that, since he was only really ever interested in "Shadow of the Assassin", which should have more on it soon.

SquareSoft. Okay, I know I'm getting kind of general here, but they've made some good games. SQUARESOFT ROXXOR JOO TOO!!11

Dan Glockner. My neighbor across the street for the last ten years of my life, until very recently when I moved to South Carolina (hence my long absence from writing). He never read a single line of Chrono Continuum, but he kicked ass anyway, because he was the only person who could put up with me when we played games. What was so hard about that, you ask? When I play RPG's (even alone), I like to read out loud, with the characters' voices and everything. Everyone thought I was crazy but him.

Greg Covington. Quite possibly the most unique person I have ever known. The only guy I know that will talk on the phone for three hours straight and still complain when I have to get off. He's also an insomniac, very intelligent, but failing all his classes, a constant weight-lifter, and a fan of every type of anime but hentai. He bit our teacher in sixth grade, and hasn't changed much since then. He always chased every girl in school until the last month or so, and now all the girls are after <I>him!</I> I just don't get it. I'm not chasing the girls around, but they're not chasing me either. What am I missing?

South Park. No, I'm not a South Park fanatic, but I was trying to think of who else to thank, and "Big Gay Al" just popped into my head. Thanks, Al.

Dragon Ball Z. Flat-out the most kick-ass show on Cartoon Network (which is, by the way, my favorite station). Reboot (season 3) came close, and so did Gundam Wing, but DBZ is just da bomb. Seeing Gohan go Super Saiyan (or Saiya-jin, or whatever) level two almost made me weep. I was so darn proud of him.

Tenchi Muyo. No, I'm not as much of a fan of this as I am of DBZ, but it had a few good laughs. Wonder where I can find the uncensored version...?

Batman. Yes. Batman. That is all.

Final Fantasy 6. For making me fall in love with RPG's.

Chrono Trigger. For making me fall even more deeply in love with RPG's.

FF9. For having one of the best endings I've ever seen in an RPG.

Beyond the Beyond. For reminding me of the evil game developers who create piss-poor RPG's. I'd almost begun to believe they were a myth, but BtB proved it.

Soul Reaver. For being just one big CD of whoop-ass.

Vagrant Story. See above.

Breath of Fire III. For having Rei in it.

Threads of Fate. For being a neato-keen game.

Lunar: SSC & Lunar:EB. For being the only games that didn't disappoint me in any way whatsoever.

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. For singing "Mr. Bojangles."

Douglas Adams. One of the best British authors I've ever read and a funny bastard besides. May he rest in peace.

Simon R. Green. For writing the incredibly violent and sarcastic Deathstalker series, with which I have fallen in love.

James Byron Huggins. For writing <I>Cain,</I> a somewhat religious, yet highly action-oriented book. I can't remember if I took my screen name before or after I read the book.

Sesame Street. For showing me why the Triangle is the coolest shape.

Ms. Price. For being the best 10th grade English teacher a guy could have. She's was so nyce an purdy, tooo.

Mr. McIntyre. For shaving his beard to look like a Mongol.

Soylent Green. It's people!

Mario. For being the first video game character I ever got to play as. I whipped Bowser's ass.

Sonic the Hedgehog. For being the first cool video game character I ever got to play as.

Miles "Tails" Prower. For watching Sonic's back.

Knuckles the Echidna. For being such a kick-ass secondary character.

Sir Daniel Fortesque. For being the first PlayStation video game character I ever got to play as, and for having a detachable head.

Courtney and Sydney. My sisters. For dragging me away from the computer to go swimming or talking, or some such nonsense.

My dad. For making me study so damn hard.

The SAT gods. For allowing me to make a 1510. Booyah!

Garfield the Cat. For nothing at all.

Zippy the Pinhead. For being more confusing than my story (read the Washington Post comics section).

Magus. For being my role model. I will meet you one day.

And all you other people who tried to make me get off my ass (well, actually to sit my ass down) and write something.

And now that the thanks are over, on to the other crap. First off, the question marks. Yes, I realize that there was a grand total of about ten question marks in the first fifty chapters, and I have an explanation for that: I was stupid. I've been trying to revise them, but Icy's being deluged by schoolwork and other authors, so he doesn't have the time. I might be able to post the revised stuff on the Night Haven. Where's the Night Haven, you ask? Right here: (Night - actually, this is inaccurate:  The Night Haven no longer hosts outside fanfic... but this Credits thing was really written with in mind).

Secondly, the mind-boggling mass of confusion that was my story. What can I say? I'm a big fan of foreshadowing. Maybe some of you (the really dedicated) will go back and read earlier chapters and say, "So <I>that's</I> what happened. Cool!" Of course, you could also say, "That's what happened? Stupid!"

Third, Ayla and Kino. They are not brother and sister. I was stupid when I said that.

Fourth, my "to be continued" ending. Obviously, I'm planning a sequel. Where can you find it? If Icy's not too busy, it should be right here, but it will also be at the Night Haven and/or the World of Imagination web page, which is right here (link please, Night). The WoI page will have a lot of info on the WoI, such as glossaries, theories, and maybe character pictures, so check it out.

Now, prepare yourselves for part two of the Chrono Continuum saga: StarCrossed.

It'll kick ass.


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