Chrono Trigger: The Planeswalkers Notes

By MoxjetFF7

A word should be given as far as the condition of the world at the time in which this story starts. While I'm not quite sure if the planet of Chrono Trigger is supposed to be earth (even though I think it says that it is in the instructions), I'm going to assume that the historical structure is close. We really don't get to see much of the time between 1000ad and 1999ad, the Day of Lavos, even though the few scenes we do get show that they are different. For all practical purposes of the story, I just want to make sure everyone knows what I'm assuming for this story.

I'm first going to assume that the general historical structure of the CT world is somewhat relevant to ours. I'm taking as a fact that 1000ad was the middle ages, the middle ages were followed by a renaissance, the renaissance was followed by a scientific revolution and so on, similar to the timeline of our world.

Second, I'm assuming the monarchy system of the 1000ad world was continued to some degree. I really don't think that something as inconsequential as government is important so don't think about it too hard.

The above two aren't all that important, but there are a few things that need to be explained that have a rather important impact on the story. SSAF would be the first of these. SSAF is an organization that is like an elite army group (much like SOLDIER if you've had the privilege of playing FF7). They do everything from piloting, to ground assault, to peace keeping. All of the recruits as trained in just about every skill imaginable, like attending Army, Navy and Air Force schools all at once. They function by recruiting people that show talent at a very young age, from eight to ten. These children are trained it all of the arts that are needed for SSAF.

Such talent is identified by various methods which are story elements so I won't disclose them here, but it can be said that children being trained for SSAF are special.

Technology of the day might also come up. I can only make a guess that their technology is similar to ours, except regarding that we do know that they had the domes at the time of the Lavos's surfacing. The domes are a form of weather control as far as I can tell. They act in keeping the environment on the inside controlled.

Moving on the TAG's. If you read the first chapter (if not, you can go read it now), your probably wondering what TAG might stand for and what they are. TAG is short for Tritanium Arc-wave Generator, which, according to one of my friends Star Wars dictionaries is a Light Saber. I don't want to directly rip that off, so I changed the name, but that didn't sway my fascination with them. If you didn't pick up on it, a TAG is, in all essence, a Light Saber, but I'll try not to call them that. Light Sabers rock, if you disagree, tough.

So what on earth is this Force Technique thing? It's simply my explanation on how people in the CT world do non-magic techs. In it's simplest form, it's taking the energy around you and amplifying your own physical traits using it, ie: to spin around in a circle really fast like in Chrono's Cyclone. It can be used to speed you up, make you fly, just about anything you can think of. It's figuring out how to use the tech that's the hard part.

If by chance you want a more confusing explanation, I'll try to give it. Everything living and non-living is moving constantly by laws of physics. The movement of atoms to be exact (there's also something called quarks but they're not important). This movement gives off energy. Everything relates to energy. Mass itself equals energy according to the famous E=MC squared thing. What if we could draw from this seemingly limitless supply of energy to amplify our own energies? We could mold the energy into various effects, boosting our own abilities and producing effects. The ability to enhance speed, fly and do all that stuff is Force Technique. As far as producing effects, that's another story… (I think that's right as far as the scientific stuff, hope I didn't confuse anyone)

Okay, that about covers anything confusing in the first chapter. In following the great idea of one of me favorite authors on the page, Nanaki, I'll add to this anytime something confusing comes up. Don't expect too much though, a lot of things will have to work themselves out in the story…


Notes Update #1 (chapters 3 and 8): This refers to where Jack's journey falls in line with the Crono's journey. It's clear that when he runs into Lucca, that is right after the telepod incident when Lucca is going to the castle to meet Crono. When people in the town say that they saw "A girl with purple hair traveling with a kid with wild red hair and a girl with a ponytail," that refers to the second time Crono goes to 600ad (remember, you go to the castle and here about the hero). I know I said that they saw the group going to not from Truce Canyon, but this just means that they might have been switching characters at the time. Yes, that's right, when you switch characters with the 'y' button, it represents going to the End of Time and picking that character up. To do this, you would have to go to Truce Canyon and use the gate there. That's all for now, happy reading!


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