"Even in the chill of darkness can light be found."

Nightsong's treasure is SHINY.  Shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny.

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            Hello, and welcome to the Night Haven.  This is the place where I host the vast majority of my personal writings, artwork, and music, along with whatever else I may feel like throwing your way.  If you're familiar with the history of the place, you'll know this is hardly the first incarnation of the Night Haven - the original version of the site has undergone several changes and is now known as Xenofall.  There I host my long-running Xenogears Fanfic series, which currently consists of Dark Angel.  But here.... I wanted to do something more with the other 99% of stuff I do with my time.  Don't expect consistent updates - one could come a day after the one before it, and another could come two months after that - but I will be keeping up with this place.  Enjoy, and if you have any comments you'd like to share, you can always email me at Nightsong@icybrian.com

I'll get a witty image of some sort for this eventually.  In the meantime, just sign the guestbook, please (also look at other entries through this link)

Updates.  6-18-02 -- Almost literally nothing.  I just added a short MP3 I did earlier today.  It's funny.  Yay.


6-16-02  --  The entire site has been pulled up from nothing.  Just take a look around; it's all new.  Obviously, not EVERYTHING is up and running just yet, but expect that to change over the next few days and weeks.  Hopefully.

    This site is going to be preoccupied mainly with Video Game-related writing and artwork, though I am slowly expanding my interests into anime-related works and originals.  Fitting in with this focus, this site is a member of the Fantasy Finale Arts Association, an informal 'ring' of sites affiliated with the Fantasy Finale Arts Forum.  Other members include:

Planeswalker Universe
The Fifth Dimension
The World of Imagination

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Everything on this site belongs exclusively to me, Nightsong, unless otherwise noted.  That said, the candle pic above is not mine, and was grabbed off of some sort of free-sharing image gallery.  Though this site IS link-free, I would appreciate it if you only linked to the index page, and don't pull anything off of this site for posting on your own without my written permission.