Welcome to the editorials section.  Here, you can read about a variety of opinions from a million different views, and on a million different subjects... well, actually, if you'll look at the number of Editorials, you'll see that's not exactly true right now, but hopefully it'll become less of an exaggeration in time, and with your help.

        Anyone can feel free to submit an editorial to the FFAA.  Send it to this address, and bear in mind some of the rules from the main fiction library page.  I sincerely hope you don't have a pornographic, X-rated editorial lying around on your computer, but if you do, don't send it my way.  It won't make it on the page.  Also, while I will not censor any cursing, I would appreciate it if you didn't cuss every other word.  There comes a point where it becomes the basis of the paper, and you lose all credibility with your audience... not to mention me, who has to put all of this stuff up.

        Anyway, enjoy, and if you can think of an issue not being addressed here, feel free to send in your opinion on it!


The Editors:

Jay Theobald

Nascar is the Scourge of Mankind - July 3rd, 2001.


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