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"All men by nature desire knowledge." --Aristotle, Metaphysics


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        Hey there.  Since you're in this section, I presume you'd like to hear a bit more about me.  If not, well.... the links are just above, heh.  Staying?  Okay, then.  The name's Justn Purdy, though I'm more commonly known as Nightsong amongst the online circles.  I'm currently an 18 year old Journalism major attending the University of Mississippi.  I have a keen interest in writing, music composition, and art, but I'm currently wanting to pursue a career in the former in the form of novels and possibly screenwriting.  In case you couldn't tell, I'm also a pretty big anime and video game fan, an interest which is displayed pretty prominently in the art and writing sections here.  That said, below is a little trait list, then a regularly-updated table of various things I find cool.  That's a better explanation than rambling for paragraphs here anyway.

Name:  Justn Purdy
Birthday:  August 31, 1983.
E-mail:  Nightsong@icybrian.com



TV Shows



1) Cowboy Bebop
2) Trigun
3) Slayers
4) Outlaw Star
5) Gravitation
6) Soul Hunter
7) Ninja Scroll
8) Robotech
9) Vampire Hunter D:        Bloodlust
1) Fellowship of the Ring
2) Dark City
3) Interview with the Vampire
4) The Matrix
5) Final Fantasy
1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2) Frasier
3) Whose Line Is It Anyway
4) Sliders
5) Saturday Night Live
1) Song of Ice and Fire series - George Martin
2) Otherland series - Tad Williams
3) Dragonlance Chronicles - M. Weis and T. Hickman
4) Servant of the Shard - RA Salvatore
5) The Brothers' War - Jeff Grubb
1) George RR Martin
2) Jeff Grubb
3) Margaret Weis
4) R. A. Salvatore
5) Tad Williams

Fanfic Authors


VG Songs



1) DK
2) Minmei
3) Mox Jet
4) Zealpropht
5) Cain
6) Jerm
7) Nanaki
8) Intrasonic
9) Neo Kefka
10) Glarryg
1) Xenogears
2) Final Fantasy Tactics
3) Tony Hawk PS 3
4) Chrono Trigger
5) Final Fantasy VI
6) Final Fantasy VII
7) Starcraft
8) Castlevania:  SOTN
9) Suikoden II
10) Azure Dreams
1) Otherworld - FFX
2) One Who Bares Fangs at God - Xenogears
3) Bloody Tears - C: SOTN
4) Waltz of Pales - C:  SOTN
5) Magus' Theme - Chrono Trigger
6) Kyrie - Parasite Eve
1) Linkin Park
2) Staind
3) Enigma
4) Metallica
5) Days of the New
6) Garbage
7) Tonic
8) Nickelback
9) A Perfect Circle
10) Smashing Pumpkins
1) In the End - LP
2) Outside - Staind
3) Epiphany - Staind
4) One - Metallica
5) Return to Innocence - Enigma

My Other Sites:

I also run a couple of other sites that work pretty differently from the personal page here, heh.  Here's a list of them.

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