"Creation is a drug I canít do without."
-Cecil B. De Mille
I like swords.  Welcome to Corneria!

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         I've been writing for many, many years now.  In fact, it's something that I fully intend to make a living at one day; I'm a journalism major with an interest in writing novels.  Listed below are a number of my personal works, mainly (for the moment) in the realm of fanfiction, as well as some poetry. 

        If you enjoy any of the things on this page, by all means, please tell me.  Feedback is extremely important to me, as it both lets me know I'm doing something right, or, inversely, if I'm doing something that needs to be changed.  And so long as your criticisms are constructive, I invite them. 


Currently Working On:  Dark Angel Chapter 29, Cowboy Bebop:  Rhapsody in Blue Chapter 1, Wild Card (FF6 one-shot starring Setzer).



Dark Angel

   Linked off-site on the Xenofall account; a long "what-if" look into the events of Episode One of Xenogears.  Part of the World of Imagination, a massive collaboration of stories currently worked in by authors Cain, Mox Jet, Nanaki, Neo Kefka, and Nightsong.

Cowboy Bebop:  Rhapsody in Blue

   Cowboy Bebop post-series fic.  Deals with the members of the Bebop following the series, hopefully tying up loose ends while reintroducing familiar concepts.... difficult to explain much here without massively spoiling both the end of the series and the fic concept itself.

Twisting in the Wind

   Final Fantasy 4 fanfiction.  Post-series fiction.  Kain is fighting a losing battle with his own guilt, as a new fanatical religion emerges from the ruins of a recently-fought war against the darkness...


  Final Fantasy 6 short fic.  A more in-depth look at Celes' attempt at suicide in the beginning of the World of Ruin.


   A collection of poems I have written.  Updated sporadically, as I don't write poetry often anymore.  So sporadically that this link doesn't even work right now.



Other things to be added here as I get the time/feel like uploading them.