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The history of the Fantasy Finale Arts Association is long and... well, varied.  Directly below is a link to the personal histories of people and associations connected with the creation of this site.  Beyond that is the story of how this site was founded and why.


 - Nightsong's Bio (Temporarily down!  WOOO I love switching computers)  In the meantime, just make sure to check out the important things:  my other site:  Xenofall, my livejournal or whatever:  LINK TO JOURNAL, and, um... this site.

 - Storm Knights' Guild Bio


    To use the saying 'it began on' such and such date isn't really accurate for such an event as the creation of an idea.  The Fantasy Finale Arts Association has, in reality, been a cumulative thing, that owes inspiration to its creation to many different things.  The best place to begin, though, is with a little Delphi forum called the RPG Story & Original Music Forum (I wasn't always the best with titles, okay?), back in the summer of 2000.  It was, as the title suggests, a little forum that ran group stories for the pleasure of its five or six members, as well as allowed whoever came by to listen to the midi works of Nightsong and Sonicblade (myself, Nightsong, being the maintainer at the time).  Now, we were people with ideas, we RPGS&OMFers - I begin to realize that this acronym could almost be misconstrued as something of a cuss word, and thank God it's gone.  Sonicblade, in fact, had visualized a forum where people could come in and, using the wonderful Delphi format, post any sort of fiction work, art, or music.  I agreed that it was a fairly good idea, and promptly made him the assistant manager of the RPGSOMF, so that I wouldn't have to implement any such ideas myself (lazy and low on time equals to a bad combination, folks).  He immediately did just that, being the HTML whiz that he is, and changed the name of the forum to the Fantasy Finale Arts Forum, after the web address I had so cleverly thought of back in August of 1999. 

    This led to more ideas, as everything does.  Flip the calendar forward to early September, 2000.  I had been speaking to my good friend Mike Garvey about dissatisfaction with some of the amateur fiction sites on the net - while internally realizing there were very few real places to have your artwork and music shown, unless you wanted to go to the trouble of getting your own site.  After a lot of thought, we realized that the ideas incorporated into the Fantasy Finale Arts Forum weren't really enough.  We needed a complete site dedicated to getting peoples' works seen and critiqued.  And thus began the plans for a site that wouldn't happen for almost another year.  In the interim, I created a short-lived personal site that, while entertaining for the people that visited, wasn't the kind of site that could turn into something like this. 

    And here we are.  I graduated high school in mid-may of this year, and almost immediately set to work on making this dream a reality.  While I've yet to get all of the work done as of this writing, I've got a lot of friends behind me - excellent authors and composers and artists, every one of them... well, they can't all do all three, but you get my point - and I have all faith that everything's going to go through.  If you're reading this now, I imagine it did, and I'm glad I could bring this site to you.  *takes a bow* And I believe that I have finished with the condensed version of this tale.  I could go into much, MUCH more detail, but it would probably read like the unabridged version of War and Peace, at least length-wise.  Thus I sign off now.  Really